Baltic Bearing Company is a member of MASOC

MASOC.pngThis month production site of Baltic Bearing Company, SIA «APP Grupp", joined to the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC).

MASOC is a public organization, established in 1994, for  organizing the development of the industry, successful cooperation and professional growth of specialists. MASOC brings together 150 companies, producing more than 80% of the  industrial products .

MASOC is a member of the National Association of mechanical engineering, metalworking, electrical engineering and electronics of the European Union - ORGALIME, which brings together 25 state national industry associations with which the European Commission  discuss all technical directives, regulations and other documents.

Membership in "MASOC" is an important step for the Baltic Bearing Company, as a European manufacturer of bearings.

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