An efficient water preparation system was developed at the Plant

Equipment installed in the production areas of  BBC group, require daily cleaning, special care and attention. Water containing various chemicals: chlorine, calcium (chalk), iron, its oxides and so on is used for cooling equipment and it can chemically react with the surfaces of the equipment parts and have a direct impact on its duration time.

So before using this water  it must necessarily be cleaned, regardless of the used method of water supply.

Equipment manufacturers recommend to use distilled water to protect equipment from chemical compounds contained in ordinary tap water.

At the BBC group Plant  an effective system of water pre-treatment is developed and reverse osmosis system for the emulsion preparation is installed, which allows to produce distilled water of capacity 250 liters per hour

Passing through the filtration system, tap water is cleaned from harmful chemicals. So all details of the BBC Group equipment are protected from the appearance of plaque, which eventually leads to early mechanical failure.


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