A optimeter was put into operation LMI 01-400 PC-HA

Baltic Bearing Company purchased and put into operation optimeter  LMI 01-400 PC-HA, produced by German manufacturer EKM Jena GmbH.

This equipment allows to carry out calibrating all types of surfaces (for making standard rings), and calibration of micrometers and  measuring probes.

Using of optimeter LMI 01-400 PC-HA makes possible to measure internal and external surfaces of cylindrical, tapered and radius bearing details. Size range of measurements is from 0 to 400 mm.

The equipment allows to make measurements with an accuracy of 0.15 mm. Working on the device is carried out in semi-automatic mode: positioning of bearing’s parts making by hand, but measurements making automatically.

Base of measurements  let to save all results as electronic protocols.

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