Quality control of large size bearings

Priority for our company is Quality control at all stages of the product life cycle, including immediately before shipment to the consumer. In this connection, Laboratory of the Russian representation Baltic Bearing Company acquired  instrumentation (manufacturer  Micron Tools as, Czech Republic) to extend the range of controllable parameters of finished products (for the large size bearings control):
- inside calipers for measuring the inner diameter (measuring range from 160 mm - 250 mm and 250 mm - 450)
- micrometers for measuring the outer diameter (measuring range from 300 mm to 600 mm)
- sets of feeler gauges for monitoring the radial clearance.

Certificates of verification and calibration for acquired means of measurements were received.
Work instructions and methods of measurement based on the requirements of regulatory documents were prepared .
End gages of length were also acquired to configure devices.

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