Quality control

Components for manufacturing bearings under the trade mark BBC-R are acquired only from certified suppliers and are made in strict compliance with the drawings developed by our company engineers. Each batch of rings and components (rolling elements, cages, seals, bushes, washers, cases, etc.) pass acceptance by quality engineers prior to being dispatched to the plant.
In addition, control operations are performed at the enterprise, where a three-stage control system is organised.

Initial check

Each batch of components for manufacturing of bearings pass an initial check for compliance with the drawings according to the following parameters:

•   geometrical sizes;
•   hardness and structure of the metal (for rings after heat treatment and rolling elements);
•   steel grade (for all components);
•   visual inspection.

In-process control

Apart from the selective control by operators and controllers in the course of the production, most of the important parameters are controlled by 100%.
In the process of grinding operations of work and mounting surfaces, each ring is checked automatically in real-time by the active monitoring system MARPOSS E9 (Italy), built-in grinding lines in each machine, for compliance of parameters of the treated surfaces with the requirements of the design documentation. After processing the measurement data, the system performs automatic adjustment of the machine. The data are automatically entered into the database, statistics are kept for monitoring the stability of the equipment work and quality of the treatment.
At assembly operations, variability of external and internal diameter, radial clearance and vibration level are controlled for 100% of bearings automatically.

Acceptance control

BBC-R bearings are checked for compliance with the requirements of the standards in the plant laboratory, as well as in the main warehouse laboratory, immediately prior to their dispatch to the consumer.

The availability of our own metrology service allows performing metrological examination and maintenance of the entire park of measurement and control equipment.
Such operations allow for securing a stably high quality of the released products, including satisfying higher requirements declared by some consumers regarding special technical specifications for the specific types.

Our laboratories

The ВВС Group laboratories are unique in the degree of their material and technical resources.

To create premises of the plant laboratory, modern non-dusting materials and technologies were used. Entry into the laboratory is equipped with an air lock chamber. Temperature and air purity are secured with an autonomous ventilation system. All these allow to create a microclimate that secures stability and quality of the performed measurement operations.

The laboratory is equipped with modern high-precision equipment of leading manufacturers, which allows to perform a wide spectrum of researches of bearings and their parts such as:

measurement of micro- and macro-geometry parameters (degree of roughness,circular, cylindricity, flatness, straightness deviation, undulation, etc.);

line and angle measurements;

metallographic examinations;

analysis of load at failure;

vibration level control;

examination of surface defects;

analysis of contamination;

analysis of magnetisation intensity.

One of the ВВС Group laboratories, intended for ready products control, is certified by the international organisation ILAC for independency and compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories”.