«BBC-R» bearings and bearing units

There are over 200 units of modern high-precision equipment installed in production shops, including machining centres, CNC machines, flat surface and centerless grinders, assembly lines of the leading manufacturers, having the EU certificates and widely used in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The technological route at our enterprise starts with the receipt from suppliers of a machined blank with standardised allowances for its further heat-treatment, grinding and assembly operations. Heat-treatment provides parameters of the metal structure and hardness of the blank. In the course of grinding treatment, work surfaces are formed at starting operations (edges of internal and external rings and an external cylindrical surface of the external rings). During the subsequent operations, work surfaces are formed that pass grinding and superfinishing treatment (bearing races, borders and fitment bores).

Precision of the equipment at all technological stages allows manufacturing rings to assemble bearings of the accuracy grade 6 and above. Methods of statistical regulation of technological processes are introduced at all operations (SPC).

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BBC representative offices

  • Germany
  • Baltic Bearing Company GmbH.
  • 34, Lietzenburger str., Berlin, 10789
  • +49-30-301-04-064
  • company.de@bbcr.eu
  • Latvia
  • Uriekstes street, 18 Riga, Latvia
  • +371 660-525-20
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  • company.pl@bbcr.eu
  • Poland
  • Baltic Bearing Company Sp. z o. o.
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  • Russia
  • Proizvodstvennaya Promyishlennaya Kompaniya 34
  • Moscow Region, Domodedovo, Mk.Vostryakovo, estate Tricolor, Russia
  • +7-495-984-22-00
  • +7-495-748-65-88
  • company.ru@bbcr.eu

Our advantages

Own production

More than 200 units of modern high-precision equipment have been installed in production workshops.

High product quality

The quality management system extends to the development, production and supply of bearing products to consumers.

Advanced logistic system

An integrated system for the efficient use of vehicles and warehouses ensures maximum delivery speed.

Highly qualified staff

The company employees have a great experience in the bearing industry. Many of them worked in the leading bearing companies.

Quality control

Each batch of components for the production of bearings passes input control according to the drawings.

Environmental policy

The company is trying to minimize its impact on the environment and the use of harmful chemicals.

We participated in exhibitions