BBC-R spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings BBC-R are manufactured on latest technologies to solve problems in mechanical engineering from consumer industry  to mining industry.

 BBC-R Spherical roller bearings line comes in 2 series:

– BBC-R Spherical roller bearings standard;
– BBC-R Spherical roller bearings vibration-resistant EXV

When choosing series at first we need know operating specifications such as conditions, load, technical node features.


BBC-R Spherical roller bearings standard series

Standard line BBC-R Spherical roller bearings is manufactured with accuracy of P6 class according to innovative technologies, market trends and EU standard requirements. This line is used in mechanical engineering from consumer electronics  to  automobile production. In manufacturing BBC-R Spherical roller bearings are used high quality material from certified suppliers. Automated systems of production processes provide unchangeable high readings in quality for each bearings. BBC-R Spherical roller bearings are able to support substantial axial and radial load combinations, tolerate misalignment between shaft and housing, they have low level of noise and vibrations.

This line is manufactured with any bearings clearance, steel (CC) or brass (MB) cage, tapered and cylindrical landing hole.

BBC-R Spherical roller bearings peculiarities:

– wide range, manufactured to EU standard requirements.
– in production are used only high quality materials
– design with steel CC or brass MB cage
– design with cylindrical or tapered landing hole
– design with any clearance group

BBC-R Spherical roller bearings advantages:

– high susceptibility to axial and radial loads
– stable operation in skew conditions
– low noise and vibration level
– stable operating characteristics


BBC-R Spherical roller bearings EXV series

Vibration resistant BBC-R Spherical roller bearings EXV (extreme vibration) series are designed to work in extreme radial and axial loads, vibrations and shock loads. This extreme levels of load you can find in vibrating screens, asphalt compactors, sawmills.  There is an impact of radial loads as while as accelerated rotations and angular accelerations. Those actions lead to cyclic loads on rollers and cage.

Bearings EXV are used in this machinery to provide high rotational speed, take high shock loads, vibrations speed, centrifugal power, temperatures during unit operation. BBC-R Spherical roller bearings have an improved inner construction, to provide even load distribution, reducing wear and heat release.

Additional processing of working surfaces reduces friction, contributes to the improved lubricant conditions. Besides BBC-R Spherical roller bearings stable work in rough environment such as mud, heat and humidity. This line is designed for industrial units high-speed equipment, mining industry.

BBC-R Spherical roller bearings EXV peculiarities;

– nitride hardening for steel cage  (up to 100 mm id)
– reinforced three-peace steel cage with centered hardened guide ring (over 100 mm id)
– specially enlarged radial inner clearance   CS
– optimized ring design and rolling element
– additional processing of working surfaces

BBC-R Spherical roller bearings EXV advantages;

– perceive increased radial and axial load (up to 10%)
– perceive increased load to cage (up to 40%)
– steadiness to high level of vibration
– steadiness to shock loads
– steadiness to high-speed
– no failure work in extreme conditions

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