Low-temperature and high-temperature bearings with FUCHS LUBRICANTS

Low-temperature and high-temperature bearings

Our production company SIA APP GRUPP successfully supplies a range of bearings with low-temperature grease RENOLIT JP 1619 and high-temperature grease RAREMAX SUPER N and RENOLIT LX-PEP 2, produced by SIA FUCHS LUBRICANTS LATVIA, to a number of EU countries and CIS countries.

The use of the above greases allows our bearings to work effectively in special climatic and temperature conditions. The temperature range of bearing application with low-temperature grease is-50/+ 120. The temperature range of bearing application with high temperature grease is: -30 / + 180ºC.

The application area of these bearing types with low-temperature and high-temperature is extremely wide and covers many industries, and also allows to use them both in the southern and northern latitudes.

The bearing with high-temperature grease can be effectively used in conditions of high air temperatures, during the operation of agricultural machinery, in production workshops with high temperature conditions, as well as in units with heating to the highest temperatures and other areas.

Bearing with low temperature lubrication can be effectively used in equipment for refrigerated stores, equipment for ski resorts, snow removal and tractor equipment, in gas equipment, as well as in other areas.

Besides, SIA APP GRUPP is pleased to announce that we have reached a new level of cooperation with FUCHS, one of the leading lubricants manufacturing companies. Currently, SIA APP GRUPP and SIA FUCHS LUBRICANTS LATVIA are considering the possibility of joint production of lubricants under the brand name “BBC-R”.

We are pleased to inform our customers that SIA APP GRUPP received an official message of thanks from FUCHS LUBRICANTS LATVIA as part of an existing partnership.


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