New BBC-R packaging saves a hectare of taiga

Climate change on the planet affects each and every one. Therefore the civilized world is taking efforts to seriously reduce the disturbances in the environmental balance. BBC-R does not stand aside and announces that starting from 1 June 2021 it will switch to new product packaging. The packaging for small types of bearings with an outer diameter of 25 to 42 mm is being changed. Instead of separate cartons for each bearing, a group pack of 20 will be used. Provision is made for three types of packaging boxes made of recycled corrugated board, reinforced and withstanding additional loads. So far, 12 standard sizes of bearings will be packed in such a package, but this year already the company intends to expand this range in accordance with the focus on environmental safety.

Considering the volume of sales of products of the specified standard sizes, the company dispenses with one and a half tons of cardboard annually, thus saving living wood on an area of 1 hectare in 8 years.

It’s our contribution to the fight against climate changes.

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