Quality Management System is the foundation of Baltic Bearing Company – Riga

The quality management system at the enterprise is like a skeleton in the human body. Purchasing, production, sales and logistics processes are muscles and organs. The skeleton is a support for soft tissues, a point of attachment for muscles and protection of internal organs. The QMS optimizes enterprise working processes and improves the quality of products, helps to reduce risks through a set of implemented procedures.

Like as there are more than 200 bones in the skeleton, so there are many tools that regulate the work of the processes of the “whole organism”, the all quality management system.
The problem of companies implementing modern methods of quality management is the difficulty of changing existing processes not only at the enterprise, but also in the minds of people.
“Why shall we change something if it already works?” is typical question asked at all levels – from the worker to the management of the enterprise.
Very often the implementation process of QMS tools turned into a formality. The requirements of the quality standards were fulfilled “on paper”, and stayed  in folders prepared for auditor visit.
The problem is not only in the quality of execution. It is really extremely difficult to change a process that was existed for years, and sometimes decades.

Baltic Bearing Company-Riga is a young, developing company. One of our main advantages is that during the building of the enterprise ten years ago, the basics of the QMS were laid together with the carcass and concrete of the future bearing plant foundation.
The creation of a new enterprise was opportunity to solve the main problem of most companies: don’t change working processes in accordance with the standards requirements, but to build them rightly from the beginning. This was one of the first development goals of Baltic Bearing Company-Riga and this goal has been achieved.

An integrated management system (IMS) was implemented at the enterprise. It functions in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001. The quality of its processes is confirmed not only by annual audits of the TÜV certification organization, but also by regular inspections of our OEM customers (KARCHER, DUNLOP, Kinze, MTZ, GAZ group, MAZ, WILO, etc.).

QMS Baltic Bearing Company-Riga includes:
– management plan that normalizes the methods, procedures and technological processes of production
– regular internal audits of products, processes and IMS
– customer satisfaction score
– using of techniques: FME analysis for all stages of the technological process and types of products; MS analysis for measuring and control instruments used in production process; as well as SPC, OEE, APQP and PPAP, etc. to continuously performance improvement
– product identification and traceability system at all stages of production
– warehouse management systems, purchases and sales.

The management and engineering staff of Baltic Bearing Company-Riga has huge experience of work with QMS tools which are used widely outside of the bearing industry. As a result the QMS is successfully integrated into the entire production chain.

Thus, the implementation of the QMS at the BBC-R plant is the result of not only of our staff work, whose experience and efforts made it possible to implement this project, but also of our customers efforts, whose comments and suggestions were taken into account and realized.
Baltic Bearing Company-Riga is committed to continuous development and improvement to ensure that BBC-R bearings remain a reliable business solution.