Vibration resistant bearings BBC-R EXV – series

Vibration resistant bearings EXV-series

The highest vibration levels are characteristic of vibroscreens, road rollers and sawmills. All bearings, which are used in these machines must provide high rotation speed, perceive increased loads, speeds, centrifugal forces, node operating temperature. In addition, dirt and moisture are additional adverse operating factors. All these conditions promote increased bearing runout and as a result its failure. BBC-R EXV.

R&D specialists of BBC group conducted a thorough research of this problem. Existing solutions that are used by leading industry experts were analyzed, and our own developments were formed and put into production. For using these innovative solutions, the company’s engineers designed and launched the technological production process of a new bearings line – vibration-resistant bearings BBC-R EXV (extreme vibration). During the 1rst half of 2020 year these bearings were tested at various enterprises of the EU countries. By July of this year all tests have been successfully completed. Installed vibration-resistant bearings BBC-R EXV, showed a high level of durability and complied all the necessary operating requirements. To date, a new line of products has been launched into serial production.

1. The innovative design of BBC-R EXV vibration-resistant bearings is optimized for vibration equipment.

2. Reinforced three-element separator with centering guide ring with hardened surface ensures the operation of the bearing with minimal internal friction and operating temperature, which increases its service life.

3. BBC-R EXV vibration bearings are made of  high quality steel from leading manufacturers.

4. Special CS enlarged radial internal clearance compensates temperature expansion and ensures uninterrupted bearing operation even at elevated temperatures.

5. Additional treatment of mounting surfaces provides reduced tolerances on the overall dimensions of the inner and outer rings.

6. Additional treatment the working surfaces of the bearing parts reduces friction between the working surfaces of the bearing and better guides the movement of the rollers, which has a positive effect on rotation speed and load distribution.

7. The vibration-resistant BBC-R EXV bearings are resistant to:

– high rates of vibration;

– to the shock nature of unevenly distributed loads;

– to increased speed;

– to high temperature.


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