Face of BBC-R. Olga Andrejeva. The logic of logistics

BBC-R logistics. It’s our periodical column “Face of BBC-R”. Today we will interview Olga Andrejeva, logistician of Baltic Bearing Company.

– Olga, hello!

– Hello!

– Thank you for your agreement to take part in the interview. Olga, could you please tell us how you got a job at the factory? How did your professional path in the Baltic Bearing Company begin?

– I began my path in the factory with an ordinary job interview. A friend told me that they were looking for a logistician and at that time I had an internship and worked for another company. I came, a job interview was successful and so I began to work here.

– Did you like the plant itself or how did you make the decision for yourself?

– Yes, the management is very good, the team, the employees. I liked it.

– Did you work in logistics before?

– My work was not related to logistics directly, I worked as a warehouse specialist.

– Tell us please what is included in your daily duties and what do you enjoy most of all?

– To manage the movements of commodity stocks and supplies in warehouses, these are the main duties, to manage inventory, analyze and control the available cargo, all documentation – its correct compilation, registration and preparation. I like to inform employees and superiors about changes in logictics.

– Do you have one warehouse in the company?

– No. Lots! They are everywhere. Because we have many products.

– Do you mean not only warehouses on the territory of the factory?

– Yes, we have many warehouses all over Latvia.

– It is clear, thank you. And what do you like most of all in your work?

– My duties also include inventory. And I like it very much, no matter how strange it sounds.

– Calming? 🙂

– Yes! I enjoy this process, because you are searching, checking, looking, documenting. Point, comma, space, I enjoy all these very much 🙂

– Tell us please now a little more about your previous experience. What goods did you work with at the warehouses and how can you compare this experience directly with bearing logistics?

– Previously, I had an internship at a canned fish factory. The flow that went through the warehouse is something that is important in my profession, it gave me the appropriate experience. The only difference, probably, is the transportation equipment. Now we ship bearings in ordinary trucks or in small buses, if a small order. And at the canning factory goods are loaded into special machines with a refrigerator to preserve the quality of the product.

– Clear. So is this just the difference? Isn’t a temperature regime required here?

– Yes, it is not required here.

– I see. Tell us please, to which countries does the Baltic Bearing Company currently supply its products? Are there any orders in Latvia and the Baltic States?

– Yes, we have the Baltic states first of all, Europe – a lot of orders.

– Have they increased in recent times?

– Yes, very much! For two years, even more, the third year of my work as a logiscs manager here is already underway, and, to be honest, I will tell you that at first it was probably easier and less, and then when I was already involved in this whole process, there was not a day of downtime.

– Maybe you remember any unusual or really distant country where you sent bearings?

– Yes, probably the most memorable, and it was difficult – Kazakhstan, there was a process related to the railroad. And the last one is Malaysia.

– So you send bearings even so far away?

– Yes. We sent them so far away. There was also some difficulty in documents, but we dealt with it of course!

– Yes, I understood you, thank you. What transport do you use mainly to deliver products?

– Trucks. An ordinary truck, we load it according to the standard.

– Which way do the company’s products go before they reach the consumer? Please tell us about the way from your warehouse to the consumer’s warehouse.

– It starts with a client’s order, then production begins, packaging, even not, the sequence is as follows: order – production – grinding – processing – polishing.

– Is the production mainly custom-made?

– In fact there are some products at the warehouse, some probably need to be produced, foreman Alexey Tsvyak decides. I will continue about the order path. So the order goes this primary path, after this, when the pallet is ready, it ends up in any of my warehouses, from where I already take it to sell. And after this the paperwork begins. Normally prepare the documents, I assure, check and look at everything. Natalia Savicheva helps me with this, she orders a car. She’s my second eye, so to speak. Still, the human factor, in order not to make a mistake, not to miss something somewhere. Natalia checks the documents behind me, that is, she does the mandatory double checking. After that, we prepare the cargo, order the cars. Then we upload, give the documents, well, send the forwarder on the way to our buyer.

– That is, in this way, the products are in your client’s warehouse?

– Yes.

And about the change in the number of orders over the past year, I have practically already asked you, anyway tell us, maybe in quantity in some kind? For example, if compared with the previous year. Increased, decreased?

– It has increased. Half as much, probably.

– Good. Well, you have already told us about your colleague Natalia, do you have subordinates or assistants besides Natalia?

– Fortunately only Natalia – she is perfect colleague who helps me with everything.

– Clear. Well, in conclusion, tell us please about your hobbies, how do you spend your free time?

– I work… 🙂

– I see, a hobby is a job, right?

– Yes, and it is the rest, it is home, it is everything… I love my job, yes. And basically I try to see my parents and friends at weekends, I love our country very much, especially our forests, fields and the sea.

– Do you go out in nature?

– Yes. I go for a walk in nature, I enjoy nature atmosphere. Long distance – I also really like to drive a car, so we are constantly going somewhere. And, probably, this is the very thing that relaxes me – from this fuss of my work – when I come to my parents’ country house, we cook something with dad and mom in a cauldron.

– So do you like something like that?

– Yes, it is already a tradition.

– And why exactly in a cauldron? Is this the eastern tradition of some kind?

– Yes, we like it, we experiment, so I can’t say that there are cooks in my family, but we like to experiment very much, and, by the way, we never lost, everything is very tasty.

– Well, it remains only to take your word for it 🙂 Have you ever tried to treat your colleagues?

– Well, basically I also bake, some buns, croissants. And it is just common in our factory. If someone has cooked something, if it is edible in principle, then we bring, treat our wonderful team. But not namely from the cauldron, that’s what we eat ourselves. 🙂

– I guess that you will have a chance to treat your colleagues with your dishes from the cauldron.

– Yes.

– Thank you, Olga, very much, it was very interesting to talk, we wish you success at your workplace, thank you for the interview!

– You are welcome! Bye!

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